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At Opus, our mission is to produce definitive publications featuring the finest writers, stunning images displayed on an epic scale and presented in a beautifully-designed, luxury format. Whether it is honouring football giants Manchester United FC, celebrating the work of fashion icon Vivienne Westwood or reviewing the fascinating history of The Saatchi Gallery, Opus promises to deliver the story of a subject in the most unique and cinematic way. The official cooperation of the governing body, company, club or individual associated with each Opus allows us to take you closer to the biggest names in sport, fashion, music and the arts than ever before.

Opus has for a number of years now been at the forefront of large format limited edition luxury publishing. We continually lead the way and strive to raise the bar on the quality and integrity of how great stories are told in unprecedented ways across a variety of subjects, projects and genres.

The quality of design, editorial and photographic research are fundamental elements to every Opus produced. This care and attention is matched by the high quality of print production, binding and hand finishing that goes into each and every copy we produce.


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