The 1983
World cup Opus

Immotalising the greatest moment in
India’s history


Note from Opus India

The 1983 World Cup Opus is the final frontier, a book which will capture the individual stories and journeys of all 14 players and the Team Manager. This magnanimous book will delve deeper behind the known facts and into the individual tale of each member of the squad, knitted in around 150000 words and hundreds of unpublished images from archives and artistic impressions from Opus' creative team spread across some 600 pages and weighing over 30kgs.

The 1983 World Cup Opus will have limited prints of just 1983 copies and are available in 8 editions.

- Sachin


The 1983 World Cup Opus is published in an enormous size of 45x45cms i.e. around 1.4x1.4ft. It also contains two to three 4-page spreads which open upto form almost 5.9ft of larger than life images and artistic impressions.



Another proof of an Opus' magnanimity and world class appeal is it's weight. The 1983 World Cup Opus would weigh more than 25kgs. If we add the weight of the specially designed clamshell that protects this masterpiece the gross weight can go upto almost 40kgs.